Virtual Reality News

At the end of 2018, the American giant Facebook unveiled the Oculus Quest, an autonomous virtual reality headset that is as powerful as the Rift. As proof, at the PAX East, an American video game show held this week, the Oculus subsidiary unveiled a list of VR games compatible with this device ! Confirmed games include Superhot, Beat Saber and Moss. But that is not all! You will soon be able to use VR headsets to play games on your mobile device for maximum immersion on the go, thanks to the latest technology advancements. For now, all you can do is wait and play the augmented reality games available for iPhone users. There are even some mobile casino sites that offer these types of games, perfect if you are up to trying something different.

New experiments known for the Oculus Quest !

After its presentation in September 2018 and the confirmation of a stricter selection of experiences, the Oculus Quest, The Revolutionary helmet of Facebook is waiting. Although the company is still evasive about its release, the Californian giant recently released a video unveiling the catalogue on this device. In this selection, some games were already known, others are a surprise !

Concretely, in this video, Facebook confirms that many best sellers will be present on the Oculus Quest, including Superhot VR, Beat Saber, Robo Recall, or Moss. In addition, the video also presents us with new games, including Fruit Ninja, Rush VR or Angry Birds VR, a game that is reserved for PSVR… we also find VR social networks, like Job Simulator, Rec Room, or VR Chat, one of the most downloaded applications on VR blinds.

As a reminder, the Oculus Quest would be equipped with a Snapdragon 835 processor, and would have a screen resolution of 1600 x 1400 pixels per eye. Unlike the Oculus Go, The Quest should support 6DOF and a new tracking system, which will allow for optimal interaction with the VR environment. In addition, it would be possible with this VR helmet to adjust the inter-pupillary gap using a knob. Finally, the Quest should incorporate an audio headset, similar to the HTC Vive.

Attract VR fans

These VR experiments were not chosen by chance by Oculus, the subsidiary of Facebook. Oculus has unveiled 50 VR games and experiments that are among the most downloaded applications of all VR platforms (including Rec Room and Beat Saber). So, virtual reality enthusiasts might be tempted to buy this headset to enjoy the best high quality wireless VR experiences !

For the moment, no release date has been announced by Facebook regarding the Quest. However, this device is expected in the spring of 2019, which suggests a release very soon !

The Swedish Tobii unveils a project of eye-tracking in VR !

Every day, many projects and creations come out of the ground to perfect immersion in virtual reality. Indeed, the future of this technology could come through innovative technologies, including eye-tracking. This is how the specialist in the field, the Swede Tobii, presented at The Game Developers Conference 2019 an eye-tracking device specially designed for the VR !

UN eye tracking device unique in the world

Founded in 2001, the company continues Tobii has been working on eye-tracking software since its inception, both for businesses and for the general public. However, in the market for virtual reality, the firm had not yet made a name for itself. With this in mind, the firm announced at the GDC 2019 the upcoming release of an eye-tracking device dedicated to VR. That is not all. The Firm continues Tobii has announced also to make available tools for so-called “”social”” applications, namely experiences similar to traditional social networks. In this way, the movement of your eyes will be reproduced to the identity on your avatar, which will strengthen the immersion in the virtual world and allow to interact with a person in a more natural way. However, it is not yet known whether the Tobii technology will be located in the helmet or in a communications box.

For Tobii, eye-tracking is the future of VR

This development undertaken by Tobii is by no means insignificant. Indeed, it means that eye-tracking technology will soon occupy a central place in the world of VR. This will improve social interaction or performance in VR, while allowing considerable energy savings for the VR headset, with the device supporting only what the user needs ! Case to be followed…

So far, no information has been released by the Swede Tobii. However, there is every reason to believe that this scheme will be aimed primarily at businesses and not at the general public.…

And you, do you think that eye-tracking technology can bring a plus to virtual reality ?