Top Japanese Tech Inventions

One of the peculiarities of Japan is the cult of efficiency. A thirst for efficiency that is reflected both in the world of work (with the flaws that we know) and in everyday life. Thus, the Japanese have developed a host of utensils, ideas and solutions, sometimes effective, sometimes far-fetched, to facilitate and improve a daily life that is already quite demanding. Here are 15 of which the other countries should probably be inspired!

    1. 1. The toilet of the future


    This is now a classic Japanese toilet designed to give you an exquisite moment on the throne. In addition to its famous multi-pressure jet cleaner, an integrated deodorizer and Delicate music will support you in case of tourist. For the winter, these toilets are, of course, heated, and flushest in your place when your commission is over. What may seem like a luxury in the West is a normal in the Japanese archipelago. But these toilets can radically contrast with their traditional uncomfortable counterparts that it is possible to cross in some subways: a simple hole in the ground.
    1. 2. Multi-storey car park


    We’ll never get used to these multi-story automatic parking lots. They work like car lifts and allow to park your car in height. Most often 2 to 3 floors, some superimpose 10 cars and more in a kind of giant Rubik’s Cube. Just put the right code on the screen and a giant platform will pick up your car. Always impressive to watch. More rarely, there are similar systems for bicycles.
    1. 3. Service stations suspended


    Unlike the stations we have in Europe, in Japan, these are vast areas where cars can move easily. No specific terminals or areas, the fuel pipes are suspended from the ceiling of the station and can easily join the vehicles. The quantities consumed are displayed on wide screens. No more useless maneuver! Besides, in Japan, customers are kings. There is always an attendant to do the service for you. Meanwhile, another employee cleans your windshield and mirrors for free. Moreover, in terms of stations, Japan is also ahead of the rest of the world by having an impressive number of electric charging stations: 40,000 throughout the country! (against 35,000 petrol stations).
    1. 4. Taxis are automated


    While waiting for the bot-taxis (which will soon be available), Japanese taxis remain at the cutting edge of technology despite their vintage look. And for good reason, their doors open and close automatically. Comfort above all for the benefit of the driver who does not have to go out to help the users. Moreover, one will be surprised at the impressive number of means of payment in Japanese taxis. It is even possible to use your Passmo/Suica train card in most taxis of the capital. Enough to pay in a fraction of a second and safely. Everything seems designed to waste as little time as possible.
    1. 5. Roads musical


    What a surprise the first time we took such a road! Under the effect of the contact of the wheels with the ground device, a special note is issued. Thus, if you respect the current speed, a small melody can be heard correctly. They are especially found in dangerous corners to alert the driver and encourage him to respect road safety.