Latest Mobile Game Releases


What are the latest mobile game releases?

The best games for Android, are characterized by the fact that they offer a long game fun. Not only that, but you should also come without extensive In-App purchases. Why? Some games are clearly designed to draw money from players ‘ pockets. Constantly you have to use your own currency to solve or speed up a task.

Monument Valley 2

Monument Valley 2 is no longer entirely new, but therefore no less good game. The successor to the classic shines with the same principle, but brings new ideas and a completely new Story. It is still a question of bringing your figures to their destination safely in three-dimensional structures created by M. C. Escher.

To do this, you need to manipulate the 3D world and find the right angle to open the way. In addition, the Puzzle game is packed in a beautiful look with excellent music, which makes the player – unusual for a Puzzler – a little bit immersed in the world. For Fans of the first part a duty-continuation.

Alto’s Odyssey

The game Alto’s Odyssey is the successor of the successful mobile games Altos Adventure. After an exclusive Phase for iPhones and iPads, the game is also available for Android Smartphones and Tablets. And as in the previous one, you’re going to use the Board-now through the Sand and not snow-to create the 60 levels of the Endless runner. But the goal is not only to play through the Levels, but also to unlock five characters.

Asphalt 9: Legends

If you like to play Arcade-like racing games on your Smartphone, don’t miss the latest version of Asphalt called “”Legends””. The graphics are usually good, the Soundtrack wakes up and the player is given an attractive feeling for the speed. There is a large fleet of over 50 of the best and most famous racing machines in the world, where each car can be adapted in color, equipment and even rim painting. New is the TouchDrive control, where the car is automatically held on the road. This should be true racing game enthusiasts not at all like, but fortunately can also be turned off.


If you prefer to shoot over the road with the digital gun instead of the car, you will definitely like PUBG Mobile. Since the beginning of the year, the game, which is responsible for the current Battle Royale Hype, is available for Android and also finds its followers there. The graphics are not as good as the PC Version for the big Monitor, but the purpose is that the game runs on mid-size Smartphones without any problems. The operation goes well by Hand, most of the elements have been properly translated into the mobile World.

Fortnite Battle Royale

The global Gaming Sensation Fortnite has arrived on Android, but you won’t find it in the Google Play Store. Nevertheless, of course, this list should not be missing. You want to start the Action yourself? You will then find out on the Fortnite website how to download the game for free and try it yourself. For a detailed look at how Fortnite is playing on Android, you should read our full review.