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Futuristic (But Real) Inventions That Will Revolutionize Your Home

Dreaming of innovations that make easier the daily life? Then you will love our selection of 5 futuristic, but real, creative ideas that will revolutionize your home and help with the chores.

Technological transform our lives on a daily basis. Compare your grandparents House to yours today and see incredible evolution of appliances, from television to the dishwasher through the washing machine that develop always more gadgets more or less useful to easier us. And the latest invention in date which risk to upset our comfort zone is without doubt the democratization of home automation including influx of voice assistants type Google Home or Amazon’s Alexa to cite just these two.

The world is changing fast and therefore stand to the innovations of tomorrow page. This is why we made the choice to select 5 inventions that offer surprising solutions to the everyday chores . We are talking about ironing, folding the laundry, storage… but also of things a little more “perched” you’ll find out in the video below.

So of course, we can question the relevance and utility of these innovations which runs very well today. In all cases, it will be years before these last are democratized, if however they can find an audience willing to pay large sums to discover the robotic comfort of houses … who are obviously a certain future.

And to quench your thirst for curiosity, one listed you below present innovations in video with more details and official websites on which you can find more information.

  • Ku : the independent refrigerator that moves when it is called

Presented in 2017 at theIFA 2017 in Berlin, Ku is a small invention of the Japanese Panasonic group which might make you smile. Indeed, this fridge has a special function: that of move for move in your direction. The device features sensors that help move to ensure that it does not take to the furniture or walls on its way. Agree, it’s useless, but we imagine all scream his name if a little hungry.

  • Foldimate : the machine that folds laundry

Unveiled these 2017 and 2018 in a much sexier version edition, Foldimate is the device need you if you’re the type to throw your clothes not folded in drawers or other closets. This machine looks like a big scanner in which you slide a t-shirt, for example, until one comes out perfectly folded in the bottom compartment. It’s pretty neat but it will pay the price if you get it! Available end 2019 to the general public, it is nevertheless the modest sum of 850 euros ! At this price there we continue folding by hand…

  • Moley : the robot with arms that will prepare delicious dishes

If you’re the type to hate cooking but paradoxically you love of eating, then this invention will please you. Indeed, this robot can literally replace a Chief Cook with these two arms with remarkable agility. They seized food and look after absolutely everything: cutting, starting the fire, dosing, etc… It can even clean the work plan once the finished kitchen! Able to cook 2000 different dishes, this robot was obviously an exorbitant: the latest figures reported by the English company talk about 80,000 euros. So much!



  • Effie : the machine who irons your clothes

After the machine that can fold your laundry, it is natural to speak of one who takes care of the ironing. Because it exists! His name is Effie and simply hang your shirts and other clothes so that they are ironed at steam before going out ready to be worn. Save valuable time for all those who hate this chore that yet helps you fix your appearance on a daily basis. The initial marketing of the device is scheduled for December 2019 at a price of 850 euros.

  • Preferred Networks : the robot which range your House

Eventually a robot more than the previous, but not less useful prototype. Because once have prepared food, ironed and folded clothes, you just to tidy your House to finish your day with serenity. And it is the Japanese Preferred Networks company who gets stuck with a robot, a bit industrial looking today, which picks up objects with its claws to store here where you. Built on the basis of a Toyota robot and with a camera and a large artificial intelligence, this amazing invention will not happen tomorrow in your home. The robot has more the air of a laboratory prototype that a product intended for the consumer and no date is communicated on the website of the company.