“Every journey starts with a single pedal stroke”

So, lets start off with the ‘why?’ Why leave home to cycle around the world? Why leave a very happy life with friends and family and fun to settle into the life of a nomad, cycling alone around the world. Well I guess it all starts off as a teenager, sitting in school classrooms and university lecture halls dreaming of far flung places in the world. I’d grown up on a diet of sports and adventure stories, being immersed in other people’s tales of exotic locations and profound experiences. The world was painted as a colourful, diverse, kind and exciting place, and the seed was planted in me to go and explore it for myself. However, it wasn’t until reading Alastair Humphrey’s books Thunder and Sunshine and Moods of Future Joys about his own four year adventure around the world that I began to see the challenge as a reality. And so, I went off to University and saved up as much of my student loan as possible whilst working various part time jobs and, after graduating in 2014 I took a flight to the furthest place from home that I could imagine: the bottom of South America. Twenty-two years old and armed with £9,000 I began my long bike ride back home, a journey that is going to carry me across five continents and take almost three years to complete. Each new day offering a new glimpse of the world beyond my front door, my wheels turning towards another horizon.