The Journey

As I have been riding around the world I have slowly been teaching myself how to photograph and film my experiences and the beautiful places that I am passing through. Here are short photo blogs that I have compiled of the countries that I've been passing through. Hope you enjoy them!

South America

Continent 'Numero Uno', where this journey all began, following the spine of the Andes mountains through a spectacularly rich continent. 



Perhaps the continent I was least prepared for - but the continent that would teach me the most. The diversity and kindness in Africa at times felt unparalleled.

North America

After a tumultuous month and a half trying to sail to Mexico I landed in the Rocky Mountains of the USA, which carried me north and into the cold winter of northern Canada.


Heading west from BeijingI began my third continent aboard a new bike, tackling remote paths through Asia's high mountains and endless steppe, sharing the experience with a rotating roster of friends