Below are some photos taken on past trips. Soon I'll be updating this page with ones taken from my round the world adventure.


A blanket of cloud beneath Snowdon at dawn

Prayer flags atop the Lofotens, Norway

Overlooking the mighty Zion Canyon in Utah

Cycling into the sand dunes, Utah

Mt St Helens at dusk

The Sawtooth Mountains and the land of big skies

Long straight empty roads cutting through southern Utah

Prayer flags in Shangri-La, China

Blue afternoon light in the Cairngorms

Deep red sunset in the Cairngorms

The picturesque fjord at Flam, Norway

Bright winter morning light

Finding some shade to escape the afternoon Vietnamese heat

A window into winter light

The Steindalsbreen glacier

The Bagan plateau at sunset, Myanmar

Sunrise from the summit of Helvellyn, Lake District

Some friendly faces on a bus ride in Yunnan Province, China

The wood shed, Sweden