If you want to get your Ethiopian visa in Nairobi it is possible! I had heard & read that it wasn't possible to get our visas at the embassy, we either had to get them from our home country in England or fly to Addis Ababa, flying was the last option for us & one of our friends had got their visa at the embassy just a few days ago, so we weren't going to take no for an answer.

We turned up at the consular office between 9am-12pm, asked to apply for the visa & we were immediately told no. After we said we would really like to go overland to see some sights in the South, the consular said speak to the Ambassador. The Ambassador said I need your letter of introduction, we went back & forth to the British embassy after the Ethiopian embassy kept asking us for one, the British embassy in Nairobi does not issue them. We explained this to the Ethiopian embassy many times to different people & many times they told us no for the visa. We persisted & persisted & after the Ambassador spoke to the consular at the British embassy because they do not issue the letters of introduction that is required we were granted our visas, yay! You can get a 1 month or 3 month visa which starts on the date of Issue.

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