The start of my Asian adventure alongside three good friends, our time in China was brief but filled with fun times.


The world's 'wildest' country, by population density at least. With its rolling steppe, rich cultural traditions and fascinating nomadic presence Mongolia was the perfect place to travel on a bike

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A country almost entirely covered in rippling mountains Krygyzstan had been on my 'travel' radar for many years. The mountains of the Tien Shan's didn't disappoint.



The very aptly named 'Roof of the World', Tajikistan lies in the heart of the Pamir mountains. A brief but beautiful few few weeks were spent finding quiet tracks and forgotten villages.



The end of my ride across the Asia continent, sometimes I feel like the best was saved till last. Excitement and anticipation brewed as I traversed this beautiful, wild and complicated country.


Plagued by onward visa dates I found myself racing across Uzbekistan's KarakalPakstan desert, but not before a day roaming the streets of ancient Bukhara.


Arriving just before the snows covered the country I headed into the Svaneti Park for a week's singletrack riding alongside Cass Gilbert.